Australian Australorp

The Australorp is a popular Antipodean breed of Chicken, which are generally regarded as being both hardy and relatively docile. This makes them a good choice for a newcomer to the chicken keeping hobby. They also have the advantage of being good egg-layers, and if you choose the standard size bird rather than the Bantam variety they are also a good eating bird.

Australorps are soft-feathered birds, with dark to black legs, and a single upright comb, bearing five distinct points. The Australian Poultry Standard recognises three colour varieties:

The Black Australorp, which is the most common colour variety, having glossy black feathers which in the right light appear to have lustrous green sheen. They also have black beaks and a show specimen is a quite striking looking bird. Secondly there is the Blue Australorp, which as one would imaging has grey-blue plumage, and finally the white Australorp which is a pure white bird with a white beak.

White birds are also known with randomly spotted black and grey feathers in their plumage, however these are not recognised as a strain at the time of writing.

They are medium to large hens with a full grown Cock bird weighing over 10lbs and they are prodigious egg layers with a well looked after hen likely top lay between 250 and 300 eggs per year.

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